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Celebrity Beauty Expert Tracie Martyn

Welcome to my website. While I or my amazing associates are looking forward to meeting you in person at my New York Skin Care Salon if you are in town, the TV segments on the links below are very helpful as you can see me talk about my unique concept, explain why it can address your skin concerns and describe what you can expect from my signature Resculpting Facial as well as my results oriented, all natural skin care line with organic ingredients.

My clients, regardless whether they prepare for a movie, red carpet event, wedding or just want to look their best, are of all ages and ethnicities and my treatments and products can help every skin type.

What I would like to do is show you that finally the time has come where you can get youthful, healthy, glowing skin without the use of invasive procedures or products. You no longer have to compromise safety for results and vice versa. And if you cannot make it for any of my unique signature facials, you can still get the benefits of my skin care philosophy through my products as they deliver both immediate and long lasting results independent from the treatments. Beautiful, healthy skin is achievable and you can make it a reality for yourself.


Please Click here to see Tracie share some of her secrets on E! News

Please click here to watch the ABC Red Carpet Facial TV segment



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